Construction materials shortage

The UK government has rejected the idea that shortages in construction materials will affect major infrastructure projects.

The British Government is making it clear that they do not believe lower levels of supply and demand for building supplies will impede future construction, as some have speculated. The Secretary of State said “We want to make sure we are investing both on upgrading existing buildings but also looking at new ways to build homes.”

The construction industry has felt supply constraints since April last year. The nation-wide lockdowns of quarries, factories, sawmills and builders’ merchants caused a shortage in these materials which continues to grow as panic buying went rampant and industrial demand increased post lockdown.

The Timber Trade Federation (TTF) warned today that supplies are set to tighten even further in the third quarter of this year. The UK is known for its demand from Scandinavia, which accounts for half their structural timber imports. 

However, despite record output by Swedish sawmills during 2017-2018 and a relatively stable supply until 2019 when it bottomed out at 7% below average levels as seen over the past 20 years – stocks have hit an all time low recently with only 5 weeks worth left on hand due to reduced harvesting periods following storm damage earlier in summer 2018.

Stock levels are tightening up and may be more restricted than ever before in the next three months. Sweden has been struggling since storms halted logging operations back during December, but that doesn’t mean there’s no hope for them yet.

Stock shortages have worsened due to a storm-induced halt of lumbering activities last month — all because Swedish officials failed to adjust their forestry strategy when they were faced with environmental challenges. While it might seem dire now, experts say recovery is feasible given enough time and effort from policymakers who can help find solutions by adjusting regulations or investing money into future sustainability efforts.

Heavy materials supplier Hanson has instituted ordering restrictions amid an “unprecedented” demand for cement. Meanwhile, Builders Merchants Federation announced record sales of construction supplies up 23 percent from march 2019.

Those renovating a home are not the only ones feeling the effects of inflation. The cost of materials for repair and maintenance work increased 1.5% between February to March, up 9% over just 12 months!

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