Telehandler attachments

A telehandler is a telescoping crane. It’s the best choice for jobs in and around building sites, where there are tight spaces or overhead obstructions. Telehandlers have been used worldwide since the 1970s to meet these challenges with their versatile design and easy manoeuvrability.

They’re also great for lifting heavy loads because they are designed specifically to do so, which is why many industries such as construction, mining, quarrying, power generation and recycling use them extensively. But what if you need more than just a telehandler? You may be wondering what additional equipment is available. We’ve compiled this list of common attachments that should help you figure out exactly  what you need.

Bucket – This attachment attaches to the front of a telehandler and is used for light duty lifting, transporting materials such as sand or dirt, working in tight spaces, dumping loads into wheelbarrows and other things that have wheels on them. They’re great when there are no overhead obstructions!

Forks – These are one of the most common attachments on telehandlers. The forks fit onto a bar which  is connected to the front of a telehandler and are used for heavy duty lifting. They can be moved side to side to fit whatever you are lifting, eg tipping skips, pallets, wide loads. They can be tilted forward and back whilst lifting scaffold tubes for example, so as not to roll off.

Sweeper attachments are used  for sweeping light debris off the ground and into a hopper.

Claw attachment -The telehandler claw is commonly used in agriculture and can be used for a range of different applications, e.g. moving fertilizer, tools and bails of hay.

Safety basket attachment – The safety basket attachment can be utilised for carrying out high-risk tasks, such as cleaning, repairs and painting at height. The person entering the basket should be trained to work at heights. Hard hat and harness should be worn and any additional safety equipment for the type of task being undertaken.

Other attachments – You can purchase other types of attachments as well, such as crane booms or slings that allow you to move loads that you’re not able to pick up with forks. Maybe you need to get behind somewhere and can’t get the forks there. However, weather conditions come into play when using these.

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